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The Bernedoodle is a gentle, intelligent, and trainable hybrid dog breed that is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. “Invented” in 2003, Bernedoodles, as well as their smaller hybrid relatives, the Mini Bernedoodle, have exploded in popularity ever since, with some becoming social media stars. One of the most notable characteristics of this breed is their intelligence. As descendants of Poodles, famous for their sharp minds, this breed exhibits remarkable cognitive abilities. Loyalty is another inherent trait in this breed from their Bernese Mountain Dog heritage. Incredibly devoted to their pet parents, this breed strives to be a constant source of comfort and companionship. Whether it’s learning new tricks or obedience commands, they are quick studies and enjoy mental stimulation

Bernedoodles are known for their unique and often low-shedding coats. The coat can vary depending on factors like generation (F1, F1B, etc.) and individual genetics. Typically, these charming pups have wavy or curly hair that is hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with allergies. Bernedoodle colors come in a variety, including tricolor combinations such as black, white, and rust, mirroring the distinctive markings of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

if you decide to search for Bernedoodle puppies for sale, it’s crucial to choose a reputable breeder. Conduct thorough research to ensure that the breeder follows ethical practices and prioritizes the well-being of their dogs. Reputable Bernedoodle breeders prioritize the health and temperament of their dogs, conduct necessary health screenings, and provide a nurturing environment for the puppies. This active approach ensures that you bring home a healthy and happy pup while discouraging unethical breeding practices.

Quick Facts


Life span

  • Size: Bernedoodles can weigh between 20 to kg or more, Miniature Bernedoodles around 10 to 20 kg, and Tiny ones around 4 to 11 kgs.

  • Lifespan: The Bernedoodle lifespan is between 12 and 15 years.



  • They usually have a wavy (fleece) or curly coat or even a Bernese coat that is low-shedding, making them a popular choice for those with allergies.

  •  Grooming needs can vary based on coat type. Curlier coats may require more maintenance to prevent matting. Regular brushing and occasional professional grooming are usually recommended.


Training - exercise

  • Temperament: Bernedoodles are often known for being affectionate, intelligent, and social dogs. This makes them great candidates for therapy dogs.

  • Exercise Needs: They have moderate exercise requirements. Regular walks, playtime, and mental stimulation are important to keep them happy and healthy.

  • B​ernedoodles are intelligent and eager to please, making them generally trainable. Positive reinforcement methods work well with them.

  • Health: As with any mixed breed, Bernedoodles can inherit health traits from both parent breeds. They may be prone to some of the same conditions as Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Regular veterinary care and health checks are important.


Allround friendliness 

Health and grooming needs


Exercise needs 

Bernedoodle Overview

The Bernedoodle is a companion dog, through and through. The breed inherits the intelligence of its Poodle parents and the charming, goofy, happy-go-lucky temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernedoodles are happiest when they’re spending time with their families, children included, and are willing participants in playtime and cuddle fests alike. The breed hasn’t been around for long, so it may be difficult to accurately make predictions about individual dogs. Sometimes they get more Poodle traits, and other times they more closely resemble the Bernese.

That said, fans of Bernedoodles adore their friendliness, playfulness, intelligence, and affection. They also tend to be more hypoallergenic, which is a blessing for allergy sufferers. In addition to their personalities, Bernedoodles can differ in appearance. Their coats can be curly and wavy or straight and come in a variety of colors. They come in three sizes; tiny, miniature, and standard. These sizes are determined by the size of the Poodle parent, which can be toy, mini, or standard. Bernedoodles are fairly adaptable and go with the flow.

Smaller sized Bernedoodles make better apartment pets than Standard Bernedoodles, who do best with a yard to burn off energy. This breed has moderate exercise needs that are usually met with at least one long daily walk. If you need a dog for the whole family, or if you’re a single owner looking for a lovable, smart mixed-breed with good health that will put a smile on your face with their antics, you won’t be able to find a much better choice than the Bernedoodle.



The Bernedoodle is a relatively new breed. Sherry Rupke of Swissridge Kennels is the breeder who claims to be the first to intentionally breed Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs to create the Bernedoodle in 2003, though a hybrid of those dogs may have “accidentally” existed before then.

Being a relatively new breed and a hybrid of two purebreds, the Bernedoodle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, though it is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry, and the Designer Breed Registry.

While this is considered a designer breed, they do appear in shelters, and rescue groups that focus on Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs will sometimes work with mixes of those breeds. There is no reason that you have to rely on a breeder for a Bernedoodle, and you should always adopt before shopping.

Bernedoodle size 

There are three sizes of Bernedoodle: tiny, miniature, and standard. These result from the size of the Poodle parent, which can be toy, mini, or standard size. The Tiny Bernedoodle stands at 12 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 10 to 24 pounds. The Miniature Bernedoodle stands at 18 to 22 inches tall and weighs 25 to 49 pounds. The Standard Bernedoodle stands at 23 to 29 inches and weigh 70 to 90 pounds. Males are generally larger than females.

Bernedoodle Personality 

Bernedoodles seem to get many of the best personality traits from the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle breeds. Exactly which traits they inherit from their parents can differ a bit, though, and individual personalities of dogs within the breed vary. Bernedoodles tend to be highly intelligent, hardworking when necessary, loyal, and just a bit goofy.

They are good with children and other dogs, provided they have been well socialized. Some Bernedoodles inherit the Bernese Mountain Dog’s stubbornness, which may make them difficult to train, however this trait tends to fade away as puppies become adolescent dogs.

Once they begin training, their intelligence helps them pick up commands more easily than other dogs. Bernedoodles may also inherit the Bernese’s apprehension around strangers, so socialization is important, especially at a young age.

Bernedoodles can have high energy levels and crave attention and at least moderate exercise. They do best in homes where they are not left alone for long periods of time. Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles do better with apartment and city life than Standard Bernedoodles. They’ll need at least a nice, long daily walk to burn off energy. Generally, they want nothing more than to be with their humans and are just as ready to go outside and play with them as they are to join them on the couch for cuddles.

Bernedoodle coat colouring and grooming

Bernedoodle coats can vary and look more Poodle-like or more closely resemble the Bernese Mountain Dog. Usually they have wavy, curly coats that don’t shed much, which can help make them more suitable for people with allergies to dander. Sometimes Bernedoodles can have straighter coats, which shed more and are less hypoallergenic.

The thickness of their coat helps this breed thrive in cool temperatures while providing them a fair amount of protection from the heat of summer months, as well. The color of Bernedoodle coats have quite a range. Some are pure black, others are black and white, and others are black and brown. Sometimes Bernedoodles are tri-colored with patches of black, white, and brown. They may even have other colors, as well.

The most popular coat colors and markings for people seeking a Bernedoodle tend to resemble the tri-colored Bernese Mountain Dog. The curlier the Bernedoodle’s coat is, the harder it is to groom. Because they shed less, they need to be brushed more often to prevent their coat from getting matted.

Some Bernedoodle owners brush their dog’s coat daily and treat it as a bonding experience, which this breed tends to love. Their coat must also be trimmed every few months, depending on how quickly it grows.

Bernedoodle children and other pets

Bernedoodles are excellent for families with children, though it is always important to make sure children are instructed on how to properly treat animals, especially with Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles that may be injured more easily.

This breed is affectionate and loves to play, and they absolutely adore spending time with their families. Bernedoodles usually do well with other dogs, but it is important to begin socialization at an early age and keep up with it to make sure they are comfortable around new animals.

The appropriate amount to feed a Bernedoodle depends on their size, age, and activity level, which means it is highly individualized. Standard Bernedoodles may be voracious eaters that will gulp down whatever you put in front of them, so you’ll have to take care to monitor their food intake and weight while providing them with plenty of physical activity. You should ask your veterinarian for dietary recommendations that suit your particular dog.

Bernedoodle feeding

Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles are more suited to apartment life, while Standard Bernedoodles do better with a nice yard to run around. Generally, this breed doesn’t require much personal space, and as long as their moderate needs for physical and mental stimulation are met, they shouldn’t be too destructive.

They love being around their humans, so the less time they spend alone, the better. Like Poodles, Bernedoodles are quite intelligent, which means they can learn bad habits just as easily as good ones. It is important to keep up with training. Early socialization and exposure to other dogs and humans is always a good idea and will help keep them well-behaved when meeting new people or pets.

Bernedoodle care

Finding a reputable dog breeder is one of the most important decisions you will make when bringing a new dog into your life. Reputable breeders are committed to breeding healthy, well-socialized puppies that will make great companions. They will screen their breeding stock for health problems, socialize their puppies from a young age, and provide you with lifetime support.

On the other hand, backyard breeders are more interested in making a profit than in producing healthy, well-adjusted dogs. They may not screen their breeding stock for health problems, and they may not socialize their puppies properly. As a result, puppies from backyard breeders are more likely to have health problems and behavioral issues

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Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale in Australia
When choosing the right pet to take home, there are many factors to consider. Are they the right
fit for your home? Can you attend to their needs? Are they as cute as a button? The perfect pal
that ticks all these boxes is our line of bernedoodle puppies in Sydney, Melb, and surrounding areas.
At 4Pups, we breed first-generation bernedoodle puppies for sale across Australia to
bring out the best of the Australian Shepard and Poodle breeds and produce outstanding quality dogs.
A compact and healthy little animal with a wonderful temperament, perfect for a ball of fun!
Speak to our team here today to find your pup!
So why are these dogs made for you?
Many Bernedoodle puppies in Sydney and beyond have one of the most adorable and energetic
personalities, making them one of the most iconic dog breeds. There is a wide range of
different variations of this breed. There are many colours available depending on the type of 
Bernedoodle you choose, from grey and fawn to apricot and merle if the dog takes after the 
Poodle parent, and black, white, or a tri-coloured black, white, and brown coat if the Bernese 
side is dominant. With these options, you can find  the perfect pal that’s just right on the nose 
to your wants and needs.
One of the most wonderful qualities of a Bernes Mountain dog and Poodle mixed breed is 
that  they’re hypoallergenic. Because they shed minimal to no fur around the household, this 
prevents dander from getting out into the air, which is the cause for conditions such as 
asthma, hay fever, and other allergic reactions. This makes these bernedoodle for sale  
in Melbourne perfect for homeowners with a dog allergy, allowing you to pet these adorable 
creatures without
needing a tissue.
Families call them their best friends for a reason. Bernedoodle are among that worlds
most popular dogs and newest breeds. Originally bred as companion dogs, it is obedient to 
children and comes from a companion dog line, making them ideal to buy bernedoodle in
Sydney and surrounding areas. It’s the perfect mix of both breeds - the relaxed
Bernes Mountain dog and the intelligence of the Poodle. As they are highly sociable, this makes
them perfect for befriending, taking to parks, or going on play dates with other dogs.
Because of this, our bernedoodle for sale in Sydney and beyond make homeowners happier and warmer, 
lifting the moods of those around them.
Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Melbourne and its surrounding area are excellent destinations. 
Perfect for lots of backyard space, also perfect domestic pets to have indoors. Aussie doodle 
will  defiantly benefit from an outdoor walk or playtime, with their bright and energetic personalities 
shining through from a trip to the park. Because of this, your home life will improve greatly when 
you buy bernedoodle puppies in Melbourne and beyond.
Bernedoodle puppies in Sydney and surrounding areas are an intelligent breed that is
generally very responsive to positive reinforcement principles, rather than strong
discipline and a firm hand. It is highly important to match their lively energy in order
for them to respond well. They are always aware of what’s around them, ensuring
their safety and protection. Because of this, it’s essential to provide mental and
physical stimulation for them to be effectively trained and cared for.
Our bernedoodle puppies for sale in Australia will do anything they can to spend time
with you and please you. They can be easily trained to ensure a good overall
discipline and management of their behaviour. You can even teach them a few
party tricks, making them the perfect pet to take to an event or even bringing a few
guests over to your home. If you want a faithful and friendly dog that is tolerant of
children, the option to buy bernedoodle puppies in Melbourne, SA, and NSW is an
 excellent choice.
The Pup-ular Choice
4pups are the perfect place to find your pal. Our first-rate small family dog breeding
business has made it our passion to provide the perfect puppy to the perfect
homeowner. In addition to our offerings bernedoodle puppies for sale in Australia and
the surrounding cities, we also cater to other dog breeds. Beginning as animal lovers, we put all our  
care and efforts into providing love to create healthy and happy pets to call your own. We make sure 
our litters are given the best assistance to keep them in good shape. Our team treats our pets and 
each other like family, promising that all our clients will feel at home and have a good
adopting experience. With our help, we guarantee you a cute creature to take home
with you.
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