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Choosing the right Puppy Food

The key to a healthy dog is to feed them a quality diet right from the start. Puppies develop at a rapid pace and will generally complete their growth phase within about 12 months. If you compare this time frame to humans, who keep growing until 16 to 18 years, you can see that puppies have a lot of work to do in a short space of time. 

Feeding your puppy a premium food will ensure they get all the right levels of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorous, omega oils, vitamins and minerals to help build strong muscles and bones while also supporting their growth phase. What you feed them can also affect their ability to learn all of the skills they need for life. 

Black Hawk Holistic Puppy Formulas are complete and balanced foods specifically developed for growing puppies and are designed to meet their specific vitamin and mineral needs. Balanced calcium and phosphorous levels (also in Black Hawk Holistic Puppy Formulas) are important for strong bones and teeth as well as healthy muscles and nerves.
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Puppy food



Your new puppy will eat roughly 1/3 of a cup of dry food twice daily.  Along with roughly two tablespoons of Pal Puppy or minced beef. We feed Black Hawk Puppy chicken and rice small breed formula.  This premium quality dry food is available at any major animal retail outlets, Petbarn, Petstock etc.  
The amount you feed your puppy will increase as your puppy grows.  Puppies will often eat more food than an adult puppy and will generally require more food in cooler months as they are using more energy/calories to keep warm.  
Please ensure that you follow the manufactures' instructions regarding amounts of food required to maintain your puppy in a healthy weight range. Please ensure that your puppy always has access to clean fresh water.  







❖ Your puppy is not fully vaccinated until 10 days after its 3rd vaccination.

❖ Fresh water must always be provided.

❖ When feeding allow 20 minutes for your puppy to eat, then remove any remaining food.  Leaving food out for them to graze on is unnatural and can lead to obesity.

❖ Make time for short (10-15min) training sessions every day.

❖ Providing your puppy with shelter from the weather is essential. Dry and draught free bedding must be provided.

❖ Bones must be raw – not cooked or smoked.

❖ Be sure to regularly groom your dog.

❖ Regular exercise and a secure yard are very important.  Check vaccination status before taking your puppy out of the yard.

❖ Never leave your dog in a car unattended.

❖ A dog is a pack animal, so start early getting your puppy involved with your family life.  Positive reinforcement and patience are the key to a long and happy bond.

puppy care
two puppies eating together

Puppy Care!

6-8 Weeks Worming every 2 weeks

First Vaccination

Feeding 3 meals a day

Compulsory microchipping

10-12 Weeks Second Vaccination

Heartworm prevention commences

Feeding 3

meals a day

Research pet insurance

Worm every 2 weeks

Register your puppy with you local council 

14-16 Weeks Worming monthly

Third vaccination

Feeding Twice daily 

6 Months Worming every 3 months


Feeding Twice daily

Proheart injections (yearly heartworm injections) begin 

10 months Feeding once or three days

15 Months Annual Booster

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