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How to avoid a


A puppy scam is basically people trying to sell you a puppy that doesn’t exist.

They don’t have a puppy to sell you - and they use images stolen from the

internet to make you believe the puppy is theirs.
Another trick scammers use is advertising pups extremely cheap! you know the saying its to good to be true?

The easiest way to prove that a puppy exists is to request a video call with

the puppy you’re interested in.

You can also ask for multiple photos of your puppy and photos of their

parents – although it is possible for puppy scammers to steal these photos

from the internet too – so we still believe a video call is the best way to make

sure your puppy is real.

Other things to check up on are the ABN of the breeder.

Our ABN is: 21 418 208 870

Check the Breeder Identification Number (BIN) or other association numbers

relevant to the breeder’s state, for example Victoria or New South Wales.

Our BIN is: B000613679
We are also members of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association 
Our RPBA is : 1126
Our RPBA is : 14714

Registered breeders with puppies are not going to become annoyed with you

for asking these questions – we want you to feel safe adopting a puppy from


If everyone starts asking these questions, we will hopefully be able to get rid

of puppy scammers once and for all!

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