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Breed: Bernedoodle

Temperament: Friendly, calm, intelligent

Approx. Size: 58 to 74 cm Standard 46 – 56 cm Mini

Weight: 32 - 41 kg Standard, 11 – 22kg Mini

Lifespan: 12-17 years

Maintenance: Medium

Recommended for: Families, couples or singles

Bernedoodles are excellent companion dogs. They were bred to be so and the dog

lives up to their purpose, being affectionate, calm and gentle to people and animals

alike. They are a good choice for a family pet, as they are people-oriented, they love

to spend time with the family, engaging in all activities and games, but they will also

calmly cuddle on the sofa, taking great pleasure in time spent close to their family.

They are very intelligent, gentle and loyal, which also makes them great therapy,

service and assistance dogs. It is not always straightforward to predict how a puppy

will turn out, but they will certainly always be friendly, playful and loving. It is the

placid and loyal nature of their Bernese parent, along with the happy-go-lucky and

goofy temperament of the Poodle that contribute to the charming Bernedoodle.

They prefer the cold weather and they can be extremely active and playful, so they

are well-suited for owners who spend time outdoors, walking, running and have an

overall active lifestyle. They are good swimmers, just like the Poodle, they enjoy

running, fetching the ball, and any other stimulating game. Bernedoodles crave

human attention and although they are generally very adaptable.

In summary Bernedoodles are an excellent choice for families or novice dog

owners because of their calm, gentle personalities and

easy trainability. Bernedoodle are playful with children but still quiet natured dogs

with merry yet laid-back dispositions.

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