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Beagliers are affectionate to everybody and everything also love being around their owner, family members and people in general. They love kids, usually welcome strangers and are good with most other pets. They are playful, gentle and make great family dogs that adjust well to different and new situations. They tend to be adaptable to most home environments, from a large country estate to a small apartment. However, as highly sociable animals, they don’t do well with being left home alone for long hours and are inclined to suffer from separation anxiety.

Active life

If you live an active life, this breed can be a great choice for you, as they need quite a lot of exercise including daily walks and playtime with toys and children. Although some gentle and persist nudging may be necessary to get them out the door, when the fresh air hits their nostrils they can quickly turn into action-packed super dogs. Once outside, the Beagle’s detective nose takes over, and wandering away from their owners is a common occurrence, along with finding anything even slightly edible in the park. However, when indoors, Beagliers can be real couch potatoes, and can easily stay on your lap having cuddles all day long.

Beagliers reach a weight ranging from 4.5 kg to 11.6 kg and a height of around 30 to 40 cm. They are most often tricolour, but they can also come in tan, tan and white, red and white (Blenheim), ruby, black and tan, black and white or sometimes pure black. Their coat is smooth, soft and usually short, but occasionally they have the longer coat of their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel forebears. Their grooming requirements are moderate – frequent brushing and the occasional bath. Beagliers do not shed much; however, allergy sufferers can struggle with them.

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